Tennessee – 2023

Graceland, home of Elvis Presley in Memphis (National Historic Landmark)

Texas – 2004

Koi pond in the Japanese Garden at Fort Worth
Texas Star is the most popular ride at the annual state fair of TX
View of the city from Dallas Reunion Tower

Utah – 2022

Miles and miles of canyons at Zion National Park
Kayak the warm waters to Emerald Cove

Vermont – 2018

Veal chop after skiing at Mt Snow

Virginia – 2003

Try your luck at the wishing well in Luray Caverns
Closeup of limestone erosion by acidic rain at Shenandoah Caverns

Washington DC – 1999

West Virginia – 2024

Overlook the New River Gorge
Third highest bridge in the United States
Walk the halls of the Asylum before it was inactive in the 1950s
At the Magnificent Cathedral Falls
Inside the Lost World Caverns
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