Verona – 2006

Juliet’s balcony where she was wooed by her Romeo
The Winged Lion of St Mark was a symbol of Venetian rule

Venice – 2006

Murano glass making is popular in Venice
Cant leave Venice without a Ride on a gondola
Visit the festive streets of Venice
Relax on a tour of the canals

Naples – 2006

Excavations of the area of Pompeii after a volcano eruption in AD 79
9 miles of white sandy beach and crystal clear waters
Scenic view at the Gulf of Naples

Florence – 2006

See the great collection of sculpture in the Piazza della Signoria in the center of Florence
The details of Cellini’s Perseus and Medusa from1545 is incredible
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo) is the world’s fourth largest church (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Couldn’t get all of it in the photo

Pisa – 2006

Statue of cherubs holding a shield with the Cross of Pisa
The fame Tower of Pisa popular for is unintended tilt
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